About Us

My name is Harold Luce and I'm the owner of Alpine Window Clean, a Billings based window cleaning service.

Due to the high demand for clean windows and proper customer care I've been able to develop a following of loyal residential window cleaning customers, but I'll discuss that more later. Right now I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I was raised in a little logging mountain town clear up in the northwestern corner of Montana. Libby, Montana, known for it's logging and mining industries got a little too small for me by the time I graduated from high school, so to make a long story short I ended up in Billings.

I had spent many years in the cleaning industry including flood and fire restoration, commercial window cleaning (while working for the restoration company), carpet cleaning, HVAC system cleaning (cleaning furnaces and ductwork), and many other things too numerous to mention.

After doing all the previously mentioned types of work, I decided it was time to take a test flight in venturing out on my own when I ran across the opportunity to start my own residential window cleaning service.

It didn't take long at all to acquire customers based on what I discovered in my research. There were two things I found that would allow me to succeed in this business.

  • People are looking for honest, trustworthy professionals who will do a top notch job. People who are into customer care.
  • And the fact there aren't too many of those kind of window washers around.
So Alpine Window Clean has been able to grow due to not only top quality window washing, but a sincere belief in providing outstanding customer servce.

Something is obviously working because we're still getting numerous referrals.

During my search for the ideal business opportunity, I married a lovely lady from the Philippines. Her name is Luz, also the mother of my two wonderful little boys. Johnathan, age 10 and Joseph, 7 1/2. Life is good!

Well, that's my story. I hope we'll meet soon and you can tell me yours.

Here is a recent family photo: