New Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

At Alpine Window Clean we have now added a new dryer vent cleaning service for our customers.

To give you an idea about what we do to clean your dryer vent, we locate your exterior exhaust vent and take an initial reading with an instrument called a digital anemometer.

We then combine the use of a high powered negative air vacuum with a rotary brush that effectively removes all lint and debris from your dryer vent. While using the rotary brush we make at least two passes with it to insure your vent is squeaky clean.

We first clean the dryer, then the transition tube that connects the dryer to the wall. After that we clean the rest of the ductwork. It is always good to clean and vacuum the dryer thoroughly below the lint screen where blockage may occur and remove any lint from the power chord.

Once all the cleaning is done we take a final reading with our anemometer to make sure your vent is cleaned properly and is getting all the necessary air flow.

If you are experiencing trouble with drying your clothes or if your dryer is getting too hot to touch, chances are you have blockage in your dryer vent. Please give us a call at: (406) 860-6738 and we'll be happy to come and clean your dryer vent for you. Feel free to check out our article section on the importance of dryer vent cleaning, you'll find that the information is invaluable.

Thank you for stopping by our website and for choosing us as your service.


Harold A. Luce
Owner / Operator of Alpine Window Clean