Our Window Cleaning Service

When we first started this business, we spent the most amount of time on one question. Do we offer a cheap, economy, quick in and out window cleaning job (to translate, a cheap job), or do we offer a more thorough top notch window cleaning? We made the right choice by choosing to provide our customers with top quality service. As you are about to see, we do much more than the average window cleaner.

Here's a complete description of how we clean your windows every time:

  • We start by removing all the screens. Each screen is placed by the window it comes from unless special circumstances arise to where they need to be marked and hosed off to insure a thorough cleaning and being properly put back to the appropriate windows.
  • Using a non-allergenic, safe cleaning product called, "Screen Magic," we safely wipe clean each screen. If the screens still seem too dirty, then we just simply hose them down using window cleaning agent and water.
  • For the glass, we clean the outside either with a pure water-fed pole or squeegee method. The cleaning agent used is called, ECOVER, made from natural plants. It is made from a certain kind of plant and is environmentally safe and non-allergenic.
  • After the outside is done, we move inside and continue the process using a squeegee.
  • When we're inside we also clean the window sills and tracks.
  • After doing any needed touch ups we are ready to put back all the screens.
  • To finish, we'll walk around your home and double check to make sure all the windows are thoroughly clean and then put all of your furniture back where it was.
We really take pride in our quality and our work is satisfaction guaranteed. Any streaks or smudges will be dealt with vigorously. We are also insured for your peace of mind as well as ours.

Our company isn't for you if you're looking for a zip-zap, quick in and out on to the next window job. But if you want a window cleaning you'll be happy with-one where you'll be telling your neighbors and friends then please call us. We get booked up pretty quick, so it's best to call early. For a free written estimate, please call us at (406) 860-6738. Thank you for your consideration.